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FoodData Central Download Data

Download FoodData Central Data

Data contained in FoodData Central can be downloaded. The download files are available both as an Excel-compatible CSV delimited ASCII file and as a Microsoft Access database (version 2007).

  • The Microsoft Access database contains a few sample queries.
  • Data Type Documentation provides links to documentation for each of FoodData Central’s data types, and these documents provide details on the file formats.

View Download Field Descriptions (PDF - 300K) for definitions of all the terms and labels used in the download files of FoodData Central. This guide is also included in each downloaded file.

Access the Downloads

The following files can be downloaded (see Notes, below, for explanation):

Notes on Downloads

  • The October 2020 files contain the most recent data.
  • SR Legacy is the final release of the Standard Reference data type. These data will not be updated. Earlier versions of Standard Reference (i.e., SR 17 through 28) are available on the Methods and Application of Food Composition Laboratory (MAFCL) website.
  • The Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies (FNDDS) is updated every two years, in conjunction with the two-year cycles of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. The October 15, 2020 date represents the date on which FNDDS 2017-2018 was published and made available for download in FoodData Central. Earlier releases can be found on the Food Surveys Research Group website.
  • The Full Download file contains files for all of the FoodData Central data types. Therefore, whenever a download for an individual data type is updated, the Full Download file also will be updated to include those new data.
  • April 2020* Version 2 includes corrections made on May 1, 2020 to branded foods data.

For more information about FoodData Central, go to the FAQ page.