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FoodData Central welcomes your questions, comments, and general feedback. Contact us using the Queries and Comments form and select Ask new Question or Comments from the menu in the top right corner of this form.

Additional Information About USDA’s Food and Nutrient Data Research Programs

  • Visit the Food Surveys Research Group (FSRG) website for information about the Food and Nutrient Database for Dietary Studies, What We Eat in America, and FSRG’s related research tools and resources.
  • Visit the Nutrient Data Laboratory for information about USDA’s food composition research program and its nutrient data, including Standard Reference (SR) 28 and earlier SR versions and data for sodium levels in commercial prepared and restaurant foods, flavonoids, retail meat cuts, and choline content of common foods.

Additional Information About USDA’s Nutrition and Agricultural Research Activities

For more information about FoodData Central, go to the FAQ page.